The Curious Case of Glass Beach

With all the beaches in Kaua‘i, discovering and exploring off-the-beaten-path shores is a fun activity to do. One of the beaches to check out is Glass Beach. This beach is unique and unusual, perfect for tourists who want more than the usual beachcombing.


Glass Beach is where visitors can see and walk along a shore filled with sea glass. A paradise for artists and jewelry makers, it is advised to leave the sea glass when you go home. Take an hour drive from our Princeville Vacation Home – Lani Hanalei to South Shore in Hanapepe Bay. This beach is near Port Allen Harbor. Wear good walking shoes and feed your curiosity as soon as you arrive at Glass Beach.


The amusing experience on this beach is to see and gather sea glass of different colors from clear to aqua. Explore further and you might spot cobalt blue or citron-colored glass. Where did these sea glasses come from?


Its beauty is a testament on how nature can salvage trash and turn it into something nice. Many decades ago, what is now Glass Beach was used as an industrial dumping site were many bottles and even auto glass was dumped.  Thanks to Hawaii’s waves and current, these glasses where smoothen after decades of wave and current exposure. Truly, nature’s wonder visitors can now enjoy.


A little odd but Glass Beach is an interesting place to see while staying in our Princeville Vacation Home – Lani Hanalei. Take note that swimming is not allowed and not possible. Glass Beach is merely for beachcombing.


Gathering and looking for unique sea glass colors are not the only activities to do in Glass Beach. While in Glass Beach, it is not surprising to see monk seals lazing under the sun. Walk farther and you will stumble upon an old Japanese cemetery with headstone weathered by sea wind, salt, and sun exposure.


Both man-made and natural, Glass Beach is both peculiar and interesting. Thus, a nice place to visit for those who like exploring areas not commonly featured in guidebooks and travel guides.