Kaua'i Area Guide

Where else can you get an all-in-one vacation quite like the beautiful island of Kaua'i? From the gorgeous mountains and cliffs that seemingly crash into the ocean and beaches, there is so much beauty packed into these 550 square miles, you'll never stop being amazed. Kaua'i is Hawaii's fourth-largest and second-oldeset island but contains everything there is to love about a Hawaiian destination. 

Formed by an ancient volcano, this island is lush with greenery and wildlife that spill over into the sea. The white-sand beaches meet with crystal blue waters and allow for some of the best watersport in the United States and make for the perfect day relaxing on the beach. So whether you want to take a hike to the tallest peak, Kawaikini, or you want to spend time on the water, you'll be able to do it all here. Learn more about the attributes of the island below and start planning your Kaua'i adventure today!

North Shore Kaua'i 

The North Shore of Kaua'i is full of lush greenery, exaggerated landscapes, and amazing beaches. This part of the island is perfect for those who want to enjoy nature at it's best with no worry of the time. Explore the Napali Coast with some of the best views in the whole of Kaua'i. It is packed full of waterfalls, sea caves, and beautiful green valleys throughout its 17 miles. Then take a tour of the Daniel K Inouye Kīlauea Point Lighthouse to see out for miles off the coast. 


South Shore Kaua'i

The best way to describe the South Shore would be warm & sunny. The pristine beaches are some of the best on the island and well worth a day of fun. Explore the long stretch of beaches around Poʻipū then spend your evening touring through the local shops and restaurants for some authentic Hawaiian food. 

West Shore Kaua'i

Full of natural wonders and state parks, the West Shore offers adventure beyond belief and Instagram-worthy photography. One of the main features of the West Shore is Waimea Canyon (pictured right). This stunning geological was formed over millions of years and is often referred to as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific". Drive to some of the incredible lookout points then spend some time at Kōkeʻe State Park for a fun day of hiking and exploration. 


East Shore Kaua'i

Often referred to as the Royal Coconut Coast, the East Shore is full of coconut palm trees and is the island's most populated area. The East Shore is very family friendly with rivers, wide golden beaches, and ocean pools that make for a great adventure with family and friends. Kayak down the Wailua River in the Wailua River State Park or take the kids and visit the two lava rock enclosed ocean pools at Lydgate Beach Park that is perfect for first-time snorkelers!