Moloa'a Beach

A beach close enough for Princeville Kaua‘i Vacation Home to visit is Moloa‘a Beach, located on a bay bearing the same name. Located 11 miles from Kapa’a, this beach in Kaua‘i’s northeast coast is only 30 minutes from Princeville. With all the beautiful beaches North Shore is known for, Moloa‘a Beach has become somewhat underrated and a little bit off the tourist radar. This beach was one of the film locations for the 1963 film, “Gilligan’s Island”. This is the reason why Moloa‘a is also known as Gilligan Island Beach.

The name Moloa‘a means, “matted roots”, referring to the paper mulberry trees with its roots woven by the local Hawaiians before. Today, this crescent-shaped beach has wide beachfront and a nice place for a family day. In the middle of the beach is a stream that flows directly into the water.


For families or guests of Princeville Kaua‘i Vacation Home looking for a place where they can spend the day beachcombing or enjoying a book as they laze along the beach, Moloa’a Beach is a good choice. With lush vegetation and fewer crowds, visitors can enjoy reading or taking a nap.

‘With its calm waters, free from surfing activities, Moloa‘a is also good when it comes to fishing. Its southeast side is good for swimming. Snorkeling is a nice thing to do on this beach as well.


The good thing about Moloa’a Beach is the different activities that go beyond the beach. At the left side of the beach is where Molo‘a Trail starts. This trail is a good place for bird watching and it ends in another beach in North Shore – Larsen’s Beach.

‘Aside from thick vegetation lining the beach, there are hilly dunes to explore. Go uphill and guests will find the Molo‘a State Forest Reserve.

A lovely beach favored even by locals, Moloa‘a Beach offers a laidback and crowd-free beach in Kaua‘i.